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SING: A Design with a Unique Touch of Culture

AFRICA: At last… A décor you can claim to be truly yours and truly dear to your roots.

KATALAYI turns event décor into a cultural work of art! Inspired by the luxury of the Rich&Bold African textiles (known as “wax”), AFRO CHIC is born and our KATALAYI signature is all over it!

We had it at heart to create a vibrant, unique, and very artistic custom event design look that specially pays homage to the beauty of the African heritage through décor. From there, we created our inspiring SING design—a tablescape that can SING a love song.

You will fall so in-love with with AFRO CHIC! It’s a look that tends to all who aspire to make a very bold statement and to those who are so affectionately attached to their roots. This custom line is merely a marriage between batik and modern. And the experience you get from it is beyond custom— it’s the ultimate bespoke haute-couture tailoring experience, only for events.

The AFRO CHIC look is tailored to particular specifications. Just like getting a dress sown; you get the design for your event to custom-fit YOU. The choice of African textile is yours and that sets the tone for the choice of chairback décor, tablescape, centrepieces, and backdrop—décor elements meticulously crafted, only for your special event. The finish product that emerges from your customs and tastes is ultimately UNIQUE and turns out to be a Fab-U-lous masterpiece.

So, give your next event a touch of culture and your guests something to talk about!

Discover more about AFRO CHIC and find out HOW IT WORKS to create your AFRO CHIC event at

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