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BLOOM: Fashion-Forward Event Design

Today, we introduce you to a look that is sure to make your venue BLOOM!

This AFRO CHIC look brings the art and trend of COLOR-BLOCK fashion at a new level. If you thought colour-blocking was just for clothing, think again. The fashion-forward trend also spills over into event décor as KATALAYI—Connoisseur of Chic Events introduces AFRO CHIC Event Design created with rich&bold African textiles (known as “wax”).

The African wax has been the epitome of the colour-block trend for centuries. Fashion designers at all level, have coveted the luxurious African wax for its colourful and vibrant patterns to create classic to eccentric cultural clothing. Furniture makers have then desired the wax to create unique pieces of furniture accents. Today, KATALAYI introduces it into event décor to create high style and sophisticated

AFRO CHIC events. Regardless of its purpose, the highly coveted African textile remains an art expressed as each piece of fabric carry a print that speak for the African heritage and its story.

The African wax brings versatility and uniqueness to any event décor that other textiles simply don’t provide. Bring in a touch of rich&bold cultural prints to your next event. You and your guests will be amazed by the end result. As the marriage of batik and modern will give your event some flare and your guests something to talk about!

Discover more of BLOOM—The blooming colours of this look are eye-catching!

Stay in the know to see more AFRO CHIC looks.

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