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A Strong Foundation Makes All Things Possible

Let me fill you in on a little secret. I never thought that planning my own wedding back in 2003 would spark a love for planning and designing a myriad of weddings and special events!

After seven years in the making of transforming venues and interiors for various life events, I’m still amazed at how overly excited I become when my creative juices kick-in! It only takes a client to call-in to say which venue they’ve booked and what theme colours they’ve chosen for my imagination and ideas to flow and go wild!

It’s all together my love for art, taste for classy and sophisticated things, and God-given ability to beautify interiors that have been the driving force behind the foundation of KATALAYI, established in 2009.

KATALAYI’s foundation is built strong and anchored on one fundamental principle: With God, all things are possible. By that I truly believe that the possibilities of continuously providing you with creative and innovative event design concepts are endless. And that our capability to offer you with “à la carte” and “off-the-rack” event designs that are creative, artistic and unique will always be possible. It’s a promise. And because my team and I so LOVE our job, we also promise to only give you EXCELLENCE in everything we do.

Let’s talk. My creative juices are ready to kick-in!


CEO and Event Designer

KATALAYI—Connoisseur of Chic Events

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