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ABOUT the Designer 

Welcome to Katalayi—Connoisseur of Chic Events [expert judge in matters of taste].

I'm Barbara, Katalayi's Lead Event Designer and expert at designing extraordinary and stunning events! To those who know me, I'm the sophisticated who loves doing everything in Style (to home decor, gourmet meals and fancy table settings (everyday!), travelling, and last but not least, dressing up (myself, hubby, and kids!).  Above all, I'm a devoted Christian thankful for a blessed life and to the gift God gave me to beautify interiors in a way that have blessed many brides with beautiful lifetime memories. 

One of the first questions I get asked when I talk with clients (perhaps the question you also have) is... How much does it cost? The answer is simply that with our services, there's no one size fits all budget, there's not one decor for all, the price is based on the level of intensity of your decor. With my team, we can create simple, minimalist, chic designs to high-end, custom, ultra-chic designs. Whichever level of our decor intensity you choose (classic, fancy, or grand), your event design will turn out absolutely fabulous with our Katalayi signature touch! So, get in touch and let's get started. My creative juices are always bubbling!

Barbara Katalayi

Barbara KATALAYI, CEO & Event Designer


For over a decade, Katalayi has been known for its unmistakable SOPHISTICATED taste, unique 

concepts, attention to details, and professionalism. We take pride for being a top designer of 

tailor-made event fashion and every design we create is crafted to make an inspiring, eye-catching statement.


We offer three service lines, two of them come with signature looks on which we base the creation of our designs:


  • Custom design service offers Contempo Chic—modern, contemporary looks and Afro Chic—culture modern, batik looks.

  • Rental design service offers Ready To Wear—pre-conceived rental looks, ready to style your        event space. 

  • Event planning is a service we professionally cater to brides looking for full, half-day or day of      event planning services. ​


While designing weddings is our niche, our services also extend to corporate and social functions, charities, community events, as well as the celebration of various life events.  ​

Both our services and designs embrace excellence, sophistication, innovation, and exclusivity.  
Because we so LOVE our job, we're not satisfied until every detail is PERFECT and we guarantee 

SPECTACULAR results and only the BEST in everything we do!  

Team K 

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