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What is a Ready-To-Wear {RTW} event decor?

Ready-To-Wear {RTW} Event Decor is a concept we created since 2016. We're proud to be one of the first to have introduced this concept in the Ottawa region!


A RTW event decor is a look designed in advance (pre-conceived), using fabulous elements from our decor inventory and silk floral collection. Every look is designed to create the particular mood you want to set in your event space. Ultimately, a RTW decor is your "event in a box". The idea is to shop a look you like based on the mood you want for your special event, choose the Do it Yourself (DIY) set up option by which you receive your event decor in a box with set up instructions and/or tutorials. We also offer other set up options, such as a K-stylist assistance day of event or full installation and take-down service (find out more below).  


New RTW designs are regularly created from our design studio to offer you an evergreen collection of readily available looks to dress-up your event space. Each RTW look comes with a moodboard for quickview. Our social media pages also show inspirational ideas from other sources for floral bouquets, invitations, and cakes, to complete a look we offer.  


RTW looks cater to various types of celebrations: grand or intimate weddings, private dinners or events, home parties, birthday or wedding anniversaries, corporate functions, business launches, non profit events, and much more! 

Why we named our pre-conceived looks Ready-To-Wear?

We see event design like fashion and your event space like the mannequin that needs a dress!

So, Ready-To-Wear event decor is our way of calling looks which are fashionable and ready to dress up your event space. Let's agree that your event space is ever more charming when dressed-up in your personal style and taste! 

How is a Ready-To-Wear event decor different than a custom design? 

A Ready-To-Wear event decor is a pre-conceived look ready for set up in your reception space. Very little design consultation is needed for this service since RTW looks are available on our website for viewing, rental shopping and quick booking! However, you can customize a RTW look by interchanging elements from various looks. Some looks are also available in other colour palettes and floral options. 


Ultimately, RTW designs are conceived to create Simple. Modern. Chic. looks with our Katalayi signature touch, as well as to ensure decor packages are attainable and within budget reach.   

A Custom design is a look conceived following your full design planning consultation with Katalayi's design team. A custom design is entirely personalized to Your tastes following many rigourous hours of conceptualizing and artwork. Through our custom design service, we ensure exclusive and unique designs to ensure your event is one of a kind! 

Pricing for our custom design service is based on the level of intensity of your decor concept. 

What are the steps to book a Ready-To-Wear look?


Contemplate and shop a rental Look you LOVE from our evergreen Ready-To-Wear {RTW} event decor collection.


Choose a set up service:

    1- Do It Yourself (DIY)

    2- DIY + Katalayi Stylist (K-Stylist) assistance

    3- Full installation service


Make a reservation by pre-booking your Look and event date through our online booking form or contact us at You can order a look minimum 30 days prior to your event date. We will contact you by email to schedule a short consultation virtual meetup and provide you a quote. 

What service options come with a Ready To Wear decor package?

You can choose one of the three following service options when you book a RTW decor package:

1- Do It Yourself (DIY)

This option comes with instructions or a video tutorial to assist you with setting up your look              by yourself with the help of family and friends. 


2- DIY + Katalayi Stylist (K-Stylist) assistance

This option comes with the assistance of one of our stylist to guide you with setting up                      your look yourself on day of event. The stylist will assist for a total of 3 hours by providing                  guidance and help. 


3- Full installation service

This option comes with our full set=up and take-down service, takes your stress away and                  ensures high quality results.

*All options come with delivery and pick-up following health and safety guidelines.  A signed  service agreement is required for all service options.

What is a K-Stylist?

A Katalayi Stylist (K-Stylist) is part of Katalayi's team and carries the role of providing guidance for decor set up on day of event for a total of 3 hours. This service, at an additional cost, ensures better results of your design set-up if you need a boost to set up your look yourself. Our K-Stylist service comes with a service agreement with respect to roles and responsibilities.

Flowers: Silk or Fresh? 

The flowers we use for our RTW looks are premium silk. We care for the standard of our floral collection. So, we make sure to provide you with premium quality silk florals and greenery. 

If you would like a look you see in our gallery with fresh flowers, you can upgrade a package at an additional cost. 

How we guarantee service satisfaction?

We've been in the event industry for over 10 years and have always guaranteed high quality results in our design and service delivery. You can count on our professionalism and loyalty when booking any of our services.


We do our best to ensure that all looks in our RTW gallery is delivered to you as shown, so there are no surprises. If there's a change of any kind to a look you choose from our gallery (because things happen), all changes will be communicated to your prior to your event date and delivery. 

Ready-To-Wear decor looks - What's in it for you?

There's lots in store for you with our RTW decor service! 

  • Pre-conceived design proposals (available from our website)

  • Quicker and better visual of design themes (quickview moodboards from our website)

  • Less consultation time

  • Shorter pre-booking time. Order a look minimum 30 days prior to event date

  • Various price points based on service options (self or full set-up)

  • Reduced booking fees, from 50% to now 30% deposit

  • Carefully packaged and safely delivered decor and easy pick-up (for DIY option)

  • Complete decor packages may include floorplan and set up tutorial/instructions

How can you customize a Ready To Wear look?

You get more than what you see with our RTW looks!


Let's say you like a centrepiece from one look but prefer to pair it with the table setting or chair decor from another look. We can do it!


Moreover, let's say you love an entire look you see but want it in another colour palette. It's possible! We can change the colour palette of most of our looks. Only, doing so may require a change in florals or type of table linens.


Finally, let's say you like a particular centrepiece, but would like to change the type of flowers. If the type of flower you want is available in our floral inventory, we can do this too! 

How is a Ready To Wear package priced?

We offer a variety of RTW looks with various price points in order to meet various budgets.


A Ready To Wear event decor package is priced per table or item. Our guests count for reception tables starts from 2 up to 10 per table. Once we receive your completed booking form on which you indicate the look you want, the number of guests per table, as well as the total of tables required for your reception, we will contact you by email to schedule a short consultation session in order to discuss your quote, propose alternate design options, if needed, and offer floorplan options based on your guest count. If you only need a single decor item, a quote will be provided to you by email. 

How does our delivery and pick up process work?

Our detailed service agreement will explain our delivery and pick-up process.


We ensure all decor items are carefully and safely packaged prior to delivery. We also identify each packaging for easy DIY set-ups. 

Pick-up is made easy by providing storage bags for DIY take-downs and crates for dishware. 


We send you an email in which you can choose time slots for delivery and pick-up. *During COVD-19, there will be no overnight pick-ups. Pick-ups requested passed 11 PM will be done the next day. 

What does a Ready-To-Wear reception decor package include?

A Ready-To-Wear reception decor package typically includes: 

  • Table linens

  • Napkins

  • Napkin rings and charger plates (depending on look)

  • Dishware, glassware, flatware (as required)

  • Silk Floral/Candle centrepiece (fresh floral upgrade option available)

  • Votive candles 

  • Chair cover decor or specialty chairs (based on look)

  • Table numbers 


All package price are based per table. Pricing varies from 2 to 10 guests per table and the total number of table required. For example: If you choose a package for 20 guests, the breakdown will work as either 2 guests tables of 10 or 3 guests tables of 6. A quote is first based on the cost of one table times the total number of tables required for your guests count.

What's the typical size of a Ready-To-Wear decor package? 

RTW decor packages vary in size from micro events of 2 people to large events of 300 guests.


Packages may also vary in scope, which means that some looks are only available for a limited event size. When so, the conditions are indicated in the package list associated to the look and you will be informed of any limitations your chosen look may have during our virtual consultation.   

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